The Statement of Purpose required by grad schools is probably the hardest thing you will ever write. The main purpose of writing SOP is to explain about your plan on future career, also the reason for taking particular course and about your past study. It should give an overview about yourself, your profile, preference, background and purpose for the selected course and country of study, your mindset and also your excellence English. The SOP plays a vital role and helps the university to access an application. This includes:

  • The reason for selecting the course that you wish to study. (Need a justification answer in it).

  • If you have any experience in the relevant field you can also mention it.

  • Any service experience ( If Applicable)

  • Why you have selected the particular Country? The reason you wish to study the particular country.

  • Features and benefits from the chosen course of study in ……………. Particular country & your plan after the completion of the course.

  • Your areas of interest (Hobbies, sports or social)

  • Family background and source of funds how you are going to pay it?

  • And any other information, which you feel, will support your application.

You should be very careful and check the errors in your writing as far as possible and check thoroughly for spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting to make it error free. “Much of what you have learned about writing and also about how to present yourself will lead you astray” so be very careful. These procedures is to give you a sense of way in terms of required content.

  • First Paragraph (Introduction about yourself) 
    In the first paragraph you are requested to write about your name, personality, your area of strength and finally your personal interests (hobbies/sports). You could also use this as an opportunity to acknowledge your family to be the source of motivation, encouragement and tremendous financial support. (Additional Note: If you are planning to take your spouse /or your children along with you then you need to ensure that you provide convincing explanation for taking them with you.)

  • Second Paragraph: (Education Background) 
    Please mention all of your academic achievements with the respective dates. Mention the medium of teaching in school and in college. If possible include your project work like (research, internships and training undertaken during your period of study connected to your proposed area of study). Mention your academic strengths, your attainment and any reward that you have achieved.

  • Third Paragraph: (Employment History) 
    In this section you need to explain about your work experience in relevant field, a connection must be established with the proposed course of study otherwise the fault or any misleading opinion will lead to the failure of visa.

  • Fourth Paragraph: (Career Goals)
    You will have to explain openly about the course you have chosen and the scope of study in the respective Institution & how you are going to complete it? How will the course help you in your career pathways? Career opportunities after completing course, specialization or major if any, important of this course in national and international job market, professional accreditation of the course. This point is absolutely essential and it must be explained very clearly. Also mention your plans of returning back to Nepal, to be note that your goals should be actual and pragmatic.

  • Fifth Paragraph (Finally Conclusion)
    Show your understanding about the visa conditions for international student in Australia i.e. academic growth requirements, work limitation, health insurance requirements, address change update to provider, attendance requirements and also declare about your previous immigration history is clear and not refused for any country (if refused and any previous immigration history should be addressed.

Sample Statement of Purpose for your visa and admission applications

Statement of Purpose Sample